Sunday, April 05, 2009


went to eat dim sum with him early in the morning.then back home help grandma prepare the stuff of praying while waiting mummy them come back from cheng beng.after finished our lunch,we then went to shu hong hwa and chia ling night, we went to gurney watch movie and had our dinner.he said he long time dint eat chicken rice shop and so desperate to eat we headed to The Chicken Rice Shop after bought movie ticket.he told me that the taste not bad but he last time came was 3years ago when the shop just,the most delicious thing is the drink,IceLemonTea.==
we watched The Unborn at 9.40pm.starting the movie was so bored,i kiam kiam fall asleep.LOL!but almost finished that time was very kin cheong,the ending was so sad.the girl's boyfriend,her best friend and also her grandma had die because of the ghost.i rate this movie 3.5stars.=D

here some picture of me.xDtake while waiting he go buy charger.

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