Monday, April 27, 2009

Party! Party!

last saturday chuan organised a beach party at Paradise's a birthday party although his birthday is on 29th of april.i meet wen jiat and jia ying at gurney and we waited for yi chian's friend to fetch us.

there was too dark until we can't find ah chuan's group at the end, we saw a group of people who wear red shirt.he invited a lot of friends, some are secondary's friends, some are basketball friends and also hang out friends?of course, and his gang in SEGi.=)
we four are the earliest among our gang.max,manfred and tze ming reached there around 10pm because they lost.x) [they are from mid land and perak] follow by deng jin and his girlfriend.

we played and took photo.around 12am, we sit tze ming's car went to 7-11 and we bought carlsberg, drink and chat.after jia ying and wen jiat went back, me,yi chian,manfred,max and tze ming sit in the car chatting while chuan went to clean the beach.(he said no need ours help so not our fault.)=P we saw a huge mak rempit there while the police chasing them.x)
reached home around 3am.

p/s: photo will be upload soon.

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