Thursday, April 16, 2009

Orientation Day

Day 1

monday was Segi College's orientation day.the marketing people told me that is 9am - 5pm so i reached there around 9am.called deng jin,he just wake up.and he told me that already change time.started from 10am - 3.30pm.wth.i sit in the car waited until 10am.LOL!went up to 7th floor,jia ying and yi chian were there.sit with them.

the orintation start with principal's give a introduction od SEGI college.around 11am we had our breakfast at Cafe Teria.then back to the hall and continue.12pm lunch break again.== me and jia ying follow our new friends have lunch.they bring us to a very high class restaurant.LOL! we are the special wan because we are the one who went into the restaurant have our lunch while the others just go the mamak.XD but at the end we all just ordered a drink while Max and Tze Ming oredered nasi lemak.

we sit there chit chat because we all dont want to go back play that "ice breaking" game.1.30pm we only went back to college and play some games.after that,we had our courses briefing at own course,Hotel Management is combine with Tourism Management in the first semester.we have around 20++ student in a class,deng jin is the only chinese boy.LOL! the briefing until 4pm,then we went back home.

Day 2
reached college alomost 10am because i slept and jia ying wear formal which is like OL look because we had scholarship presentation at 11am.we feel uncomfortable because this is the first time we wear so in front of so many people.the programme of the day quite boring compare to yesterday so the guy planning to leave for a movie after register the club.they were invite we girls and finally we decided to follow them.x) after we had registered the club,we leave the college and went to gurney to watch Friday.we 3 girls sit deng jin car.we watched Friday at 3.15pm.before the movie start,they went to play snooker while we sit there chit-chat.

Friday this movie not bad,but had a lot of horrific screen.we girls scream from starting until the end.XD finished movie,deng jin fetch us back to college take car then went home.=)
have a nice day with my new friends.they are really nice.=)although we all are not same course,but hope that we can keep in touch and can always come out have a movie like's really very happy that can joke with you all.=) these are the gang's members.x)

YuanChuan (dai lou) he like to sleep and always in the stim
Max (maximum) from perak
TzeMing (Izumi) from bukit mertajam
WenJiat (MC KIT) he like to perli people.x)
DengJin (Arab's artist) the most tall in the group
YiChian(Wendy) she very guai wan.=)
JiaYing (Juvenn) she is the lenglui in the group
SookYong (Joyce) she is the lame wan.XD

i also know some girls which same course as me wan,like YiXian from pcghs,(she look alike JoeYee),Milky,ChingWui,Jenny....they all are very nice and i'm happy to know you all.x)

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