Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make it happen

went to queensbay with JoeEe and 2 of her friends.she came my house and fetched me.reached there around 3.3opm.they plan to watched Uninvited but unfortunately,Queensbay dont have so we choose to watch Make It Happen at 4pm.
the story is about a girl who love to dance and she wanted to go in a dance school study.but she failed the interview and she meet a girl who work in Ruby's club.her friend introduce her to work at there as a clerk.a day, one of the popular dancer cannot come and she replace that time, she became popular.she dance so sexy.she meet a guy who work as DJ in the club and she fall in love with him too. (the guy not bad looking. xD)she apply to the second interview again and at the end, she was choosen.=) i love dancing so i love this movie.her dance was very nice and sexy.i wish i can become her a day. xD i rank this show 5star because i love guys can watched it if you are interested in dancing.=)

after movie, we straight went back home.

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