Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A day with them

no class for today.woke up late because yesterday night i didn't sleep well due to sore throat.after bathing,waited TzeMing come my house fetched me.i guided him to Prangin find the others,Max,Manfred,AhChuan,WenJiat,JiaYing and YiChian.

JiaYing bought a bag and me and TzeMing had our lunch at 6OOcc.then we all off to gurney watched movie.i planed to watch Uninvited,but the time not suitable us so at the end we choose to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop at 3.10pm.

the movie very funny.we keep laughing inside the cinema.and the story not bad.=) the girl very pretty too,she has ywo big eyes. x) but the most funny is the UNCLE who sit in front us.he watched the movie alone and he keep laugh although the part not funny at all.he laugh until very weird,all people in cinema laugh at

after movie,YiChian went back home because she got to fetch her mama while we went to A&W have a drink and chatting.walked around then AhChuan fetched JiaYing and WenJiat back home.i followed TzeMing's car so i went to gurney drive with Max,Manfred and TzeMing.met my sister and May there.we sit there chatting until 8.30pm only went back home. have fun and i really enjoy the day with them.=)

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