Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tag by Lisa

List down 20 people's name that you can think of now... randomly...
01 Daivd
02 Joe Ee
03 Doreen
04 Lisa
05 Huei Wen
06 Ivy
07 Joey
08 Calvin
09 Deng Jin
10 Carmen
11 Way Hang
12 Hong Hwa
13 Chia Ling
14 Pei Shan
15 May
16 Jasper
17 Jason
18 Siang Ling
19 William
20 Mun Ee

How did you meet 14(Pei Shan)?
Shu xuan.=)

What would you do if you meet 1(David)?
Kiss and hug him. >///<

What if 9(Deng Jin) and 20(Mun Ee) dated?
Totally can't imagine.they know each other when work at Gurney Hotel.

Will 6(Ivy) and 17(Jason) date?

Describe 3(Doreen).
Can't really know about what is in her heart??=X

Describe 7(Joey).
Nothing can say.xD

Do you know any of 12(Hong Hwa)'s family members?
Her girlfriend included?xD

What language does 15(May) speak?
Mandarin & English & Malay.

How old is 16(Jasper)?
18 years old.

When is the last time you spoke to 13(Chia Ling)?
yesterday.we meet at shu xuan.

Who is 2(Joe Ee)'s favourite band/singer?
Alot.she is changeable.=X

Would you ever date 4(Lisa)?

Would you ever date 1(David)?
Of course!we date every week. XDD

Is 19(William)single?
Yup!anyone wanna date him?he quite handsome.XD

Would you ever be in a relationship with 11(Way Hang)?
No way!i'll become ice.LOL!

School of 3(Doreen)
Convent Datuk Keramat,going to Methodist Boy School form 6.

Where does 6(Ivy) live?
My house.

What is the favourite thing of 5(Huei Wen)?
Take picture of herself?hehe

Have you ever seen 2(Joe Ee) naked?
Nope and don't want!! XD

i tag:
way hang

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