Monday, April 20, 2009


finally pc had over.i worked as a promoter for Imation at pc fair 3days.was very tired because i need to stand from 11am - 9pm.if had a lot of customer we had to postpond until 9something only can leg damn pain and damn tired.everyday back home straight went to sleep until the next day.LOL! saturday and sunday had a lot of people, especially sunday.all people came to pisa early in the morning,all people waited at outside until the people announce that can come in.== i wonder why so many people so like to go,like all things are free wan.make me wanna rest also cannot.XD finally,it's over but i still need to wait around 1month only can get my salary.GOSH~~ what a company is that?==

today is my first class.wake up 11.30am although very tired after work.went to fetch deng jin then college.reached there around 2pm.almost all people had reached.due to today is first day class,so our lecturer,Mr.David dint start his class but want us to introduce ourselves and write down what we expect to learn from financial accounting.== what a boring day some more the class's air cond got problem.damn hot. but luckily,tomorrow we had our own course's orintation at 10am - 12pm. x)

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