Tuesday, April 07, 2009


went to fetch Doreen and Joe ee at their house around 1pm.after that we straight went to school because Doreen wanted to ask something about form 6 procedure.then,we off to Queensbay. we had our lunch at OldTown.saw my sister and her boyfriend there. finished,we headed to BrandsOutlet shopping.xD Doreen take alot of clothes to try.== we stay there for about half an hour,at the end me and Joe Ee bought a dress and a shirt while Doreen just bought a shirt.payment,then we straight went to gsc watch movie,Fast & Furious 4.
it's a nice movie.Dom's driving skill was so geng!he is the most geng,and his muscle so keat.@@ SO MAN~~~ XD i like this movie although 1,2 & 3 i never watch.hmm it's really a very very nice show.i rate it 5stars!!!

the dress i bought.*碎花裙*xD

3 for RM50 mia shirt

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