Sunday, May 03, 2009

X Men

went to shu xuan in the afternoon to do my assignment while he go there prepare for his up coming exam.JoeEe fetched Lisa and her boyfriend to shu xuan find me.actually i asked she came because he said wanna discuss the business with her, mana tau at the end we all sit there gossip. perli she and ah bao.== then they went to queensbay.

around 7.30pm, we only leave shu xuan and went to queensbay find JoeEe.we have KennyRoger as our dinner with ah bao.=) after that,she went to find OonZen while me and him watched our movie,X Men.
meet ah haw there, he watched X men with his friends too.

this is Logan's girlfriend.she really very pretty lar.=D
this movie for me is okay okay only lor.starting i very blur, dont know what it talk the end only found
just a short update.feel like nothing can blog also. =/

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