Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Heritage Walk

reached school at 9am.almost all the coursemates had reached and very excited because we have a heritage walk later.god bless us,dint rain for today so we can no need cancel our trip.=)
we was divided into 2groups.

our tour guide is Mr.Young,our senior and advisor is Mr.Puveen.we start our journey from our college.then we went to many historical places such as st.george's church,teow chew kongsi,kapitan lking mosque,indian's temple,guan yin deng,padang kota lama,etc.
between that,we had a short break at the kopitiam which near guan yin deng.
our tour guide is a good and professional tour guide.xD he gave us a lot of information and all the history story.i learn a lot from him.=)

we used 3hours only finish this heritage walk.all 30something students walk in a group under the sun.was very hot and tired.=/ some more we wear HEC's t-shirt which is black in colour.poor man, i become dark.=(

although it was very tired,but i prefer go out than stay in the class listening to what lecturer said.if we can go others more interesting place(i don't like history actually.xD),i think will be better. xD hmm....no photo are taking because i have no camera and phone's camera is not suitable to capture scence.x)

back to college,after having our lunch, we got to continue Mr.David's class.GOSH~~ he asked us to write an essay: TESTIMONIAL OF HERITAGE WALK. ==

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