Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Queensbay + Beach

JoeEe's big *evil laugh*
we saw a lor of rubbish, one of them are DIE FISH.==
she is running because of the

me. xD
i'm explaining somthing to JoeEe.x)

we love this the most. xD

i love this the most. *laughing*

was woke up by JoeEe and her boyfriend, ah bao in the early morning.== asked me to go out, i dont care them because i too sleepy. straight off their phone then continue
around 2pm, i woke up.then JoeEe called me again.== she and Doreen asked me to go Queensbay watched Terminator.BUT, the movie 28th of showing.== we plan to watch other but all the time not match dDreen because she need to reach home around 5pm. at the end we dint watch any movie and just walked around and have our meal at SushiKing.
after that, we drop Doreen at home, we 2 continue lepak. we decided to go ParadiseBeach at the end.there was a lot of people, local and also tourist. some more got people take wedding photo there. we keep taking photo we keep walk to the sea there and the wave was so big until skirt wet. JoeEe wear jeans and her jeans wet like hell.haha

we went back home around 7pm something. have a lot of fun there.


p/s: we took a lot of photo, but my memory card corrupted so just can recover some of these.=( haiz but better than none.anyhow i'm here to say thank you to Lean Seah because help me a lot on recovering the photo. *make a bow* x)

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