Thursday, May 21, 2009



today is our 1st anniversery, which mean we already 365days since we have been together. i'm so happy that after 365 days you still beside me because i'm not good enough to be your girlfriend but you still give me all your love. i'm so glad that the person which i love is you! you had gave me all you love, you take care me, accompany me and always stay beside me no matter how without any complained.(ehm...but i very speechless when you keep talking that nonsence things.==)

last year mia today, we start together and i still remember your warm and sweet kiss.=) its just like yesterday's thing. i feel happy and sweet in this year.

i used to listen to your voice before sleep, i used to have your hug when i'm down.i wish that you can always be my side no matter i'm happy or sad. i love your voice, i love your smile; i love your hug, i love your kiss; i love your face,i love your warm body; i love your everything, no matter good or bad.

last but not least,

& i miss you, dear!


David said...

I LOVE U too...

Joyce said...

yeeeeee, so sad.:(
i write so long and you just reply me a few words. :'(

DEAR said...

Dun sad la,my LOVELY BEE..
It 's kinda shocked that when saw u wrote a BLOG for OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY!!IT's kinda TOUCH bee.Thnx GOD for BLESS us evrything was going smoothly and BLESS us fos still stick together.It was a year we had been belong together.I'm glad that YOU are my BEE.I LOVE U!!!

Joyce said...

hehe, i love you too. <3