Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Football Match

today i dint drive to school because TzeMing's class is same as me so he fetch me to college.=) but after class he has a match at CRC so i got to follow him. reached there around 5.30pm but they all sit there wait for almost 1hour the match only start.== i have nothing to do over there so i take some photo when they are playing. i wonder why guys so like to watch or play football. 20++ people chasing a ball run here and there.whole body sweating and become dirty, but they feel very fun.=X his match finished at 7.30pm. finally, we can leave and had our dinner.

take in the car when we on the way to CRC.so "handsome".LOL!
warming up.

the guys are waiting to play.=)

my phone cannot zoom.=( cant see they kicking the ball.

watching & watching

&watching & watching.

briefing and listening.

finally the match is finish.see, they are sweating and hot.x)


hapyprinces said...

hm..the pink color guy really handsome

i like your study life leh

so nice

Joyce said...

haha, he handsome?lol i will tell him.xD