Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

today is mother's day but we dint go anywhere because yesterday we already went to restaurant celebrate due to Joey got to work today.

plan to go eat dim sum with parents and uncle's family but i woke up late so only papa mama go with them.woke up at 1pm. x) after having lunch, read comic book which borrow form deng jin. then start to do my assignment. JoeEe said she very bored so she came my house find me. chit-chat and view people's friendster. we found that a lot of our secondary classmates had change. became more pretty. xD around 7pm something, she went back.

i feel boring of the assignment so take some picture.xD and came here

my wallpaper.=)

my blog title.

with spec.

without spec. x)

my patrick boy.

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