Friday, May 08, 2009


me and TzeMing no class, so he came and fetch me at 1pm then we straight went to Gurney meet the rest of them.used wrong road so jam at there.around 2pm only reached gurney.saw Lisa and Rudy sit and there waiting their friend go redbox.TzeMing havent eat his lunch so we decided to go Mcd and he treat us fries and kind.x) do chit chat there.

went to gsc bought ticket.The Uninvited at 3.20pm.

i feel that this movie okay okay but they keep complained that very boring some more said next time not allowed me to introduce them movie.grrrrrr!!! after movie, we went to the playground which outside the gurney.took some photo there then we went in to gurney because too hot and feet itchy.==
no place to go so we just sit there,chatting,took photo and rest.a security guard came and told us if wanna rest can go outside we dint noticed that there is a CCTV.==
continue chat then we off to gurney drive have dinner.

fake smile. xD

he is MAX.

he is TzeMing.

Chuan ko here. x)


he looks like a thief who try to rompak when 2girls is taking

WenJiat.the lan yao yeng wan. xD

me and JiaYing.

our gang. (DengJin is absent, YiChian went back jor.)


↓ he looks CUTE!x)

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