Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Picture

all pictures are take on Tuesday except the last 3 one. photographer is MR.Deng. he like forget to take medicine, a bit crazy.keep on use my phone to take people's picture but he dint take his. luckily he dint take his picture because if i upload his photo here just spoiled my blog. LOL! nothing much to say, just see the pictures.=)

again, the lan yao yeng one.haha

michelle, she is mix philipine,indian and chinese.
Dnesh, our indian big friend.he work at fame bartender.
our lecturer, Mr.David.he teach us financial accounting and hospitality english.
what a horrible picture.== i was looking at something and Mr.deng was taking this.==

Deon, he look quite but actually HE IS NOT!
in the class during hospitality english.
ahHan who always sit beside me and let me bully.xD
below are take in the car on my way home by using TzeMing's camera.x)

he purposely do this face, i dont know
and the vain girl. xD

these are the picture which we went to gurney last time.

they are caring me and JiaYing's

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