Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Trek

formal shirt which need to wear on Tuesday from BRANDS OUTLET.=D

yesterday went to Queensbay with him around 7pm something. raining so car park almost full.reached there already 8pm, we straight went to buy ticket.Star Trek at 9.40pm. before watch movie, we went to KimGary had our dinner.very full until both of us cannot walk.LOL! then we went to BRANDS OUTLET buy my formal shirt.i really like to go there shopping lar.there have a lot of nice shirt and dress, always update new clothes and the price is reasonable, the quality also not least better than F.O.S.=X wont q zhui.xD

Star Trek is a movie which talk about space ship.the sound sistem effect very good and a lot of high technology.i love this.=) but this movie i think only high understandbility only can understand what the story mean.i watched from start until the end of the movie also not very clear about it.LOL!== but the guy named JIM very handsome lar dui. xD
after movie already 12am. we have no place to go but we dont want to go home too so we went to Arizona find ah bao them.we sat at the nearest mamak stall chatting and they have their supper.then they went back to play game while we go home.reached home about 2am, i still cant sleep because i sleep until 4pm only wake up.xD i continue watched my dvd while he went to chill with his friends at Penang Hill.==
i watched until today morning 7am only went to bed.=X

p/s: watching Astro AEC now, saw a little ginna (12years old) not bad looking, when he grow up sure very handsome one. XDDDDD some more got his own music album.hmmm...if nex time my son also like this so good.mwahahaha *dreaming*
ignore me....x)


David said...

ur son??
sure will lidat eh..
will be a genius!!

Joyce said...

ceh.... =P

~~Mr~~Clown~~ said...

lol! you also went qb on saturday?? LOL!!!
tak nampak you de XD

and wear like that..
macam my mom want go out dinner la wei =x
jkjk XD
super mature XD

Joyce said...

LOL!you wanna said AUNTY or MATURE?is a big different you know?

~~Mr~~Clown~~ said...

HAHAHA!! abit aunty de mature XD LMAO!

Joyce said...

LOL! sad~~~~ said me until like that.sob